Act Three

Chapter One

It’s been six months since the attack on the thorpe and things have changed. The remaining dwarves from the Kneecracker clan have not left the thorpe and, in fact, have begun recruiting other villagers to assist in the mining process. With the betrayal of who they thought were the Kneecracker brothers, the remaining dwarves decided to be faithful to their new found friends and stay at the mines, working for Rex Ravenwing and Ronin. The vacuum of leadership was short lived with the promotion of Thwint Hammerhand, a cousin to the Kneecrackers, and with his leadership, the mines have become operational once again.

Emrton has changed as well, growing from that of a thorpe to that of a village. Population has steadily increased and fortune has looked kindly on these Emrtonites. The “Adventurer’s Guild” has become stronger now, with new additions in the rogue’s gallery, adding to the previous rangers and monks frequenting this now-popular area. But popularity is two-fold, and not always good for those kind members of Emrton. With the population growth comes additional pan-handlers and other miscreants. Additionally, other would-be adventurers travel through this town seeking to make a name for themselves in this outback, much to the chagrin of the regular townspeople.

Another event of notice is the new geographical feature now present near the village of Emrton. The crevice left behind from the “star creature” still remains, bringing much attention to Emrton from both the curious and macabre. Situated a mere 2 miles west of Emrton, this rocky crag is a jagged hole cut right into the frozen earth. There are those that come to see what lies beneath, but there is no current estimate as to how deep that hole goes, and those foolish enough to attempt it have not returned. This puts a minor blight on the village, but also brings in those that have an interest in things that relate to the Underdark.

The town leaders have experienced their own ups and downs in the six months since the incident. Their blacksmith, Kade, has been missing since that fateful day. Rumor has it that he was sucked into the earth itself, into a pit so black, no light would shine. The adventurers have done what they can with the resources available to them, but have heard hide nor hair of their partner, Kade. Some seem to think that Kade lies deep within the crag next to Emrton, imprisoned in the Underdark, while others feel that he left on his own volition.

Serra, their resident cleric, has been working overtime in an attempt to locate Kade. She seems more strung out and tired than usual and occasionally loses track of conversation and mumbles to herself (more than usual, that is). She has been consulting the stars for her research and has also used up most of her favors with the church on this hunt. Her research has informed her that Kade’s captors are made up of two factions. One half is the shadow bounty hunters that they have made previous contact with. The other half consists of those evil creatures that dwell in the Underdark; the dark elves.

Another loss to the town was that of Jared, their sheriff. Word has it that the battle awoke something within the man and he set forth from the town on a quest of his own bidding. He welcomed no assistance, no additional travelers, stating that it was his issue and his to resolve. But with loss to the town came a windfall as well. Rex Ravenwing and Ronin’s friend Xavien Galadonel returned to the group. He had been gone almost two years now, seeking himself. He feels that his deity has informed him of his calling, and that calling is with those very same adventurers he had traveled with many moons ago.

Grimbeard and Tallori’en had been stuck in some sort of psychic holding cell at the end of the last campaign. Chastity and others at the inn had taken to caring for these two while they were in their vegetable-like state, in hopes of them returning to normal sometime soon. About one month ago, Grimbeard awoke from his stupor and told a story about how some creature had captured them; more specifically, their minds. He was unsure as to how he broke free and now only has random, vague memories of the experience. Throughout the campaign, memories will be unlocked, showing him more and more about why he was trapped, how Tallori’en can be freed and who the captor is.



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