Act One

Chapter One

It started with a murder and a hole. On the continent of Vanus, there lies a small town of Laerda on the southern border of the Leriac Forest. During excavation, townfolk unearthed a tunnel previously buried in the hills near Laerda. The local magistrate hired able-bodied men to go explore this newly found site and report to him their findings. A dozen or so people went in, yet none came out.

During this timeframe, friends Xavien Galadonel and Rex Ravenwing were coming back from a retreat and stumbled across Xavien’s master dead in his own druidic grove. His body was surrounded by goblinoid bodies and tracks leading away, heading south towards Laerda. Both Xavien and Rex vowed to track down the killers and punish them. Little did they know that the tracks would lead to the afore-mentioned excavation site.

In Laerda, an ex-mercenary dwarf named Grimbeard had been resting in the tavern when the magistrate came running in asking for assistance. After a price was negotiated, Grimbeard headed off towards that same hole. He met up with Xavien the druid and Rex the ranger, and the adventurers were formed.



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